Acne Causing Culprits

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We have all been lectured about the importance of having a great skin care regimen to keep a clear complexion. However there may be some secret sources that have been contributing to your acne.

1.Your Makeup brushes
The use of your makeup brushes everyday can leave them covered with residue, oil and bacteria which then can cause breakouts. Makeup artist Kayleen McAdams commented in an article in Elle that makeup brushes should be cleaned every two weeks. In the article they talk about how to properly clean your makeup brushes. Or you can try Glo Minerals brush cleaner.

2. Your Cell phone
Lets face it, we are glued to our cell phones and since they go everywhere with us, they pick up germs and bacteria from everywhere as well. In an article from Womens Health they suggest several ways to prevent your cell phone from causing you breakouts. One of which is the use of headphones, this is great because it will keep the phone away from your face completely. Another suggestion of course is to simply clean your phone. Just wiping it with a microfiber cloth can cut down on the amount of germs on your phone. They also suggest using a UV light sanitizer that is safe for your phone. To read the full article click here.

3.Your Pillow Case
Another culprit is your pillow case. Hopefully, you spend an average of 8 hours per night with your face on it. The first and most important thing to do it wash your face before going to bed. You want to prevent oils and makeup from depositing onto your pillow case. You will also want to launder your pillow case every 2-3 days to keep it clean and fresh. Pillowcases made out of natural fibers are also the best for your skin. Check out this article from the Huffington Post about pillowcases and acne.

4.Your hand
This one might seem really obvious but really think about it. Do you find yourself resting your chin or face in your hand throughout the day? Maybe while you are sitting in a boring meeting. Don’t touch your face! Also, wash your hands often or keep hand sanitizer near by.

-Blog Post by Sarah Boulton

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