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Common questions about body waxing

We offer many hair removal services such as bikini, brow, lip, chin, under arm and back waxing. We get many questions about waxing so here are some answers to help you figure out if it is right for you.

If I wax will my hair grow in thicker and darker?
No, the hair will actually grow in finer and sparser over time with consistent waxing.

Does it hurt?
A waxing session can be a uncomfortable for some, but the session is quick and over time the skin gets more tolerant and the treatment is not bad at all.

How long will the hair be gone?
If the hair has been growing out for a good month or so, all the stages of hair growth should be outside the follicle. If all the hair is waxed then the regrowth could be between 4 and 6 weeks. This varies person to person. Lighter haired people may be able to go longer between appointments.

Should I shave before my appointment?
NO! If the hair can grow the 1/8-1/4” that would be ideal.

Will my skin be red?
Your skin will be sensitive and pink in color right after the service. A moisturizer and antiseptic lotion will be applied. The redness should subside with a few hours or by the end of the day. Within 24 hours you will most likely be back to normal.

If you have a special event you are waxing for, do your waxing about 3 days before. You want your skin to feel and look normal before your big event. Also, remember to wear sunscreen to protect your newly waxed skin from sunburn.

If you are curious, treat yourself to a waxing service. You can do a small area to see if it is for you. You will marvel at how smooth and soft your skin will feel and you may get addicted to that “clean, hair free” feeling. If it’s not your thing, then no harm done. Your hair will grow back and be just like it was before.

We hope you consider Body Bliss Spa for your next waxing appointment.

Blog Post by Kerri O’Brien

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