The Misunderstood Manicure

Do you find yourself saying “My nails are too short to get a manicure?” It is often misunderstood that you have to have long nails in order to treat yourself. Well, I am here to change that way of thinking. Believe it or not, manicures are one of the best things you can do for your nails. Not only will you leave feeling beautiful, but it will leave your hands looking younger. Our hands can give away how old a person really is, so why not take care of them sooner rather than later!

The nails need some pampering in order to grow and continue to look healthy. When receiving a Manicure the cuticles are moisturized and pushed back. Dry, unconditioned cuticles are the number 1 reason for constant nail breaking. The nails are also filed to the appropriate length to get rid of any separation of the nails or breakage.

So next time you say your nails need to be longer in order to get a manicure; get a manicure that way your nails will grow longer!



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