Knock off Know How- Part 1

You just left the salon, you have a great new cut and color and you have decided not to purchase the products your stylist suggested or used on you while washing and styling your hair. Maybe instead you decide to purchase professional products at your local grocery store or online. Unfortunately, that may not be the best decision for may reasons of which we will be covering in a series of blogs.

Intro to product diversion:

Professional salon and spa products are not meant to be purchased in grocery, drug stores and those alike, as well as online. Professional hair-care and skincare companies spend millions of dollars each year to try to prevent their products from ending up outside of professional salons and spas. In the industry we refer to this as diversion.

Check out the great lengths that Moroccanoil goes through to make sure their products remain in a professional environment:


Here is another great video regarding Paul Mitchell products:


This blog is part of a series, stay tuned for part 2!

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