Tales of Box Color: The story of “Helen”

This is “Helen.” Helen has never had hair color before, she had healthy brunette hair… she woke up yesterday and decided she wanted her hair to be, wait for it, LAVENDER.
Helen leads a busy life, two sets of triplets, co-chair of the PTA, is the president of her region with both Mary Kay and DoTerra. Not to mention she works a corporate job 3 days a week. Her husband travels for work and is only home every other week.
Helen… being the savvy, smart, and life’s-butt-kicking independent woman she is… thought she would save some money and get her lavender hair by doing it herself.
At home.
With box color.
From Kroger.
She wandered down the hair care aisle and happened upon Feria’s “smoky lavender” by L’Oréal. Upon reading the box she discovered she needed to lighten her hair first… because you know, it was “dark.” So she picked up a Nice N’ Easy one step “Born Blonde” bleach. She allowed it to process for 45 minutes, checking it every 5-10 minutes until she thought it was light enough… based on the pictures on the Feria box. Finally the stringent fumes burning her eyes became too much, so she rinsed her hair in the shower and applied the “step 3 conditioner.” After that was rinsed and dried… she was dismayed to see that her hair had not turned into the beautiful sandy blonde the box had promised… it turned light orange.
Helen isn’t one to quit though. Still bound and determined to have her springtime fantasy color, she proceeded with Feria, praying to the Hair Gods that it would all turn out.
Hallelujah! The color on her head is turning purple the way the instructions said it would! 20 minutes to go… 20 minutes till 1 am… Helen is waking up at 6 to get the kids to school, she can’t wait to show this off to the girls at the PTA.
The moment of truth comes… she has shampooed and conditioned and it’s time to dry.
Oh no! Alas! Oh tragic day!
Not only is it not lavender… not even purple… it has become this aweful shade of dark orange with purple tinge throughout.
Looks like a hat to PTA tomorrow. Also- Helen will be calling a hairstylist to have this fixed. Which means her $20 attempt to save money will end up costing about $300 to fix… not mention she is going to have to pay a babysitter.
Never again, Helen. Never again.
-Courtesy of Kate Carmack, M4 Hair Studio, Buford Georgia

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