What is all the buzz about Essential Oils?

Everyone is talking about essential oils. Essential oils are used either aromatically, topically or internally. They are being used as an alternative to many other methods to improve focus, anxiety, congestion and skin ailments to name a few. If you are looking for an essential oil make sure you find a pure form. I decided to look into them as an alternative to help with focus, immunity defense against colds and flu and for calming anxiety. The best way for an oil to absorb is through a diffuser, inhaling a few drops on your fingertips and a drop or two on the bottom of your feet. Depending on the reason for treatment, you may need to reapply morning and night.

You are able to choose different oils for different outcomes. For calming and relaxing qualities try lavender or frankincense. To support immune function there is chamomile and cinnamon bark.

To protect against environmental and seasonal threats diffuse orange or melaluca to help clear the air in your home. For grounding your emotions Vetiver and Cedarwood help calm and focus . To help with respiratory function and clearer breathing Peppermint and Cardamom. These are just to name a few. Some are sold in a blended form so you would get three or four oils in one bottle for a specific benefit. I’m in love with how they smell and how calming they are. Once you get used to the diffused oils in your home you may never go back!

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