Spray Tanning: A Safer Alternative To Have That Healthy Summer Glow

We all love the way we look and feel with a little color. Our teeth look whiter and our clothes look better with that little bit of golden color to our skin. However, the damage we do to ourselves to achieve this look can hurt us over time. Skin cancer is on the rise and the wrinkles and sun spots caused from UV light can be depressing. The good news is there is a safer alternative.

There are many types of sunless tanning. There are the lotions or toilettes that you can buy over the counter that you apply yourself. There are spray tanning booths that spray a mist all over you in a capsule, and then there are custom spray tans. This is when an operator will carefully spray you evenly for the most accurate of applications. Regardless of how it is applied, it is a safer alternative to tanning beds and hours in the sun trying to get that summer glow.

At Body Bliss Salon & Spa we offer the custom spray tan in a medium or dark color. At your appointment you will stand in a shower, wearing disposable panties and a bandeau or whatever you choose. The operator will spray you evenly with the product. You will dry with a fan then be on your way. You can’t shower until the next day when you will see the marker color wash away and your golden glow will be revealed. A spray tan will last longer if you apply the recommended enhancer as a body lotion. You can expect a good three days with your tan or even longer if you are not swimming. The best way to see if you like a custom spray tan is for you is to try one. It is the safest alternative to sunless tanning with remarkable results.

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