What is Keratin and why is it needed for nails?

Keratin is a very important strong protein, it is among the most critical and versatile compound ever produced in nature. It is found naturally in our hair, skin, and nails. In fact it is one of the most essential components in making up the outer layer of our skin and maintaining healthy hair and nails.  Nails typically become very weak due to constant aging or injury. Both of those factors reduce the amount and process of minerals and proteins being sent to your fingernails. Unfortunately keratin can only be formed with these minerals and proteins and when they are not present, your nail health declines.  So how can you tell if you lack keratin in your nails and what to do about it? Fortunately, keratin issues alone can be an easy fix when you know what to look for. Usually if fingernails are soft and peeling or flaky-like, you could use more keratin. You can build up keratin and strengthen your nails by supplemental use of vitamins such as Biotin or other B complex vitamins. You can also find nail products that contain keratin now! Of course a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle will always contribute to the health of your hair, skin and nails!

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