Introducing BLNDN

BLNDN, finally a hair-care line designed specifically for blonde and grey hair.

BLNDN was born out of pure necessity

From their website:

Damaged, dull, dry and lifeless locks were a constant problem for us. As chemically lightened blondes, we knew that bleaching our hair caused damage. We also knew we weren’t going to stop. What we didn’t know was that we weren’t the only ones dealing with these problems.

It’s called oxidation. It turns out that as we age our hair actually bleaches itself from the inside out – which is why it turns gray and the structure of the hair changes – becoming damaged, dull and dry. So, whether you lighten by choice or your hair lightens as you age, oxidation is happening to you

The BLNDN complex is a combination of naturally derived ingredients that are clinically proven to combat the damage caused by oxidation – whether though chemical lightening or natural graying. We address the issues at the structural level and bring your hair back to health.

Now available at Body Bliss Salon and Spa, ask your stylist if BLNDN is right for you.

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