Foil vs Balayage Highlights

There a new trend in color and its taking the hair world by storm…


You may have herd about balayage and questioning if it is right for you, well here is a comparison of traditional foils vs. balayage.

Both foils highlights and balayage are techniques for lightening the hair.

foilsFoiling the hair is a more “traditional” form of highlighting the hair. If you have had highlights done in the past it was probably with foils. Your head may have been full of tin foil, enough to pick up extra radio stations. Foil highlights give a more defined look. You can still achieve a blended look with foils, however you may still ultimately notice when its time to touch them up since the highlights start right at the scalp.  Since this technique uses foils, heat is conducted and the stylist is able to achieve a lighter blonde with foils compared to Balayage.


Balayage, in contrast, is a more natural looking highlighting technique. Balayage is a french technique that literally means “to sweep.” That is what the stylist does with the lightener or hair color, sweeps or paints it over the hair. The result can leave more “root” showing than foils which is great for  an easier grow out. Since Balayage is processed open air or with the use of plastic wrap, no heat is conducted, thus the result will not be as light as foil highlights, especially if you have medium brown or darker hair.



If you have any questions about what highlighting technique is right for you, schedule a free hair color consultation with any Body Bliss Salon & Spa stylist.

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