Taking time for you….

There is never enough time in the day. Between taking the kids to school, going to work, picking up the kids, then heading to their nightly sports activity, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. When will and how you ever just take time for you?

First, you need to plan time for you. Schedule it just like you do anything else and commit to it. Then be held accountable, just like having a gym partner, making time for your self with a friend will hold you more accountable to follow through. Make plans with the best friend you haven’t see in weeks or catch up with a group of friends.

So once you have committed to making time for yourself, what are you going to do with this time? To make the most of your relaxation and time away from your hectic day to day, we suggest a spa treatment or a whole spa day.

Once you enter Body Bliss Salon & Spa you will instantly relax. We offer a peace full environment will soothing music and an overall pleasing atmosphere. We are a full service salon and spa offering: massage, facials, manicures, pedicures and hair services.

Getting a massage or a facial is a great way to unwind. Massage has been proven to help relive stress, decrease feelings of anxiety and depression and lower blood pressure.

“A massage helps you shift your thoughts away from everyday worries and allows your body and mind to relax. Massage also helps you feel that you’re in control over your health and plays an active role in managing chronic illnesses.” –Livestrong.com

As for your face. Your face will show all sign of stress, from dark circles under your eyes to fine lines and wrinkles or even a break out, your face reveals it all. Treat your skin to a relaxing facial, which in addition to the great benefits of our skin care line, you will enjoy a neck, shoulder and arm massage and leave with a fresh glow.

Other services such as manicure, pedicures and hair services are also great ways to relax and you get the added benefit of changing up your look.

Our manicures and pedicures are performed in private, relaxing rooms. Our Ultimate Manicure and Pedicure will offer the most pampering including a foot and leg massage, callus and hydrating treatments, sea-salt scrub and detoxifying mask. Plus the added bonus of freshly painted fingers and toes which will serve as proof that you made time for yourself.

Getting a fresh cut and color is the greatest way to change up your look. All cut and color services start with a thorough consultation and include a shampoo with head massage. You will leave the salon feeling like a new person!

Come and schedule time for yourself at Body Bliss Salon & Spa.

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