How to Achieve a Clean, Close Shave

  1. Access the Skin condition: If the skin is irritated from sun or a recent shave, let the skin calm down before you shave again. You do not want to “knick” the little bumps that are currently there.
  2. Soften the Skin: It is so important to warm the skin with a hot shower or towel before shaving. It opens the pores an softens the hair for easier removal.
  3. Use a thick shaving cream or creamy soap. The cream will help hydrate and soften the skin. This helps the razor glide smoothly over the skin to prevent razor burn or chafing.
  4. Run the razor against the hair growth for a closer shave. Going against the hair growth helps you not have to repeat the area a second time to remove all the hair.
  5. Do not pick at ingrown hairs. Applying a dab of cortisone nightly will eventually work the hair through the skin’s surface.
  6. Hydrate the newly shaved skin with a hydrating lotion.

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