National Simplify your Life Week

Who knew the first week of August was National Simplify your Life Week?! I know that each week that goes by out of the whole year, I wish I had done more of that! Well, might as well make it official and take charge now. Mornings are usually the roughest for me and my household, especially when it comes to me getting ready for the day. Here are 5 tips on how to simplify your morning beauty routine:
  1. Shower the night before
    Showering takes up the most time in the mornings; especially washing, drying, and styling your hair.
  2. Skip your AM face wash
    You want to avoid over cleansing, and your face will still be squeaky clean in the morning if properly cleaned at night. You can use a toner or facial wipe to remove excess oils if necessary.
  3. Remove the clutter
    Organizing and removing clothes, the collection of 100 lipsticks you never use, etc. will make your mornings a lot easier. It gives you more of a chance of finding what you are actually looking for and limits the thinking process on what you are actually seeing.
  4. Use tinted moisturizer/sunscreen
    Cut out all the steps of moisturizing, sunscreen (everybody is wearing this now right?), and foundation; by just using an all in one tinted moisturizer with SPF.
  5. Skip the eye shadow
    For overly hectic mornings, who has time for eye shadow? Simply applying eyeliner and mascara will make a bigger impact opposed to that eye shadow anyway.

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