“My pores are so huge!”

Have you ever studied your skin in a mirror and notice every pore and wrinkle that are emerging on a weekly basis? We’ve all been there. We over analyzing every line, spot or acne scar. One of my biggest complaints I hear during a facial consultation is how women hate their large pores. Can we shrink pores? No, but we can minimize the appearance of them. The pore opens up wider as our skin loses elastin. Elastin is broken down by free radical damage due to external factors such as sun and chemicals. Internal factors are our diet, genetics and smoking. Some simple ways to reduce the pore size is to exfoliate and add a retinol to your regimen. If you can exfoliate with a glycolic or enzyme mask once a week it keeps the dead skin cell layer sloughing off to reveal smoother, softer skin. The retinol stimulates collagen which help with the tone. The more you are consistent in exfoliation and using cosmeceutical grade products the quicker you renew healthy skin cells. Those healthy cells replace the dead skin cell layer. The quicker the cells turn over the more youthful qualities your skin will begin to reveal. Remember, people are not looking at you through a 10 times magnification mirror. They are looking at you about three feet away. All the details of your aging skin are for your eyes only. Be consistent with your products, slow and steady wins the race. Your best measure is seeing your friends who don’t take care of their skin compared to you who is, you will be thankful you started sooner rather than later.

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