What’s In Your Skincare Routine?

I ask this question often and I hear many different answers including some which surprise me. I have heard women say, “this cleanser I bought at the drug store, but I’m not sure what’s in it”, or “whatever is in my bathroom”, or “nothing, I let the water run down my face in the shower and it cleans my face” but the one that makes me cringe is when they say a “bar of soap”.

We don’t realize that through the course of the day you are exposed to free radical damage and external factors, like UV light, pollution, smoke, dust and dirt not to mention sweat, oil and dead skin cells that build up in our pores. The most important thing you do for your skin at the end of your day is clean it! Give yourself two minutes morning and night to take care of your skin. I recommend you use a medical grade cleanser that will penetrate to the deeper layers and really clean out the pores. Glycolic based cleansers magically dissolve dead skin cells so the pores stay cleaner. There are various PH balanced, organic or anti-aging cleansers that can be prescribed for your skin type. See an esthetician for a skincare analysis and she can help you. After cleansing all the junk off your face that you’ve accumulated from the day a serum is then applied. Many range from hydrating, lightening, glycolic or anti-aging whichever correction you are trying to achieve. To go a step further add one more step and add a repair cream to do its anti-aging magic while you sleep. Many vary but most contain a retinol, or a glycolic blend to help speed up cell turnover. In the mornings you can keep it simple, cleanse in the shower, add your spf moisturizer. Even if you are not in deliberate sun, you need to protect. UV light is everywhere and aging you daily. Whether you are thirteen and struggling with acne or thirty seeing your sun damage from childhood emerge, it’s never too early or late to start a proper routine.

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