“Au Naturale”

When the summer heat rolls in most women hate the thought of putting daily makeup on to then just sweat it off. We connect this season with breakouts because of the excessive perspiration that is felt in our daily routine. Most women I speak to during their facial consultation say that they don’t like makeup or don’t wear it in the summer because they feel it breaks them out.

In my professional opinion I wouldn’t say it’s the excessive sweating that leads to congested skin, but the proper cleansing at the beginning and the end of the day may have more to do with it. I myself do not like a heavy “made up” face because of the heat, so I take a simpler approach in the summer months and go “au naturale”. First, be sure you are cleansing adequately with a ph balanced cleanser that thoroughly dissolves makeup and oil.  Using a Clarisonic with your cleanser is the best way to ensure the pores are deeply cleansed. Second, use a tinted spf moisturizer. Most tinted moisturizers have just enough sheer coverage to blend the pinks and browns in the skin. Add a light eye and lip color and you are good to go! This is a light, fresh version of skincare that helps you look your best in the heat without the worry of going without makeup entirely.

Head Esthetician

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