Lip Therapy

Lets talk lip therapy. We all have them and probably don’t think much about taking care of our lips on a daily basis or at all unless we have a problem. As important as good daily skin care is lip therapy should be an extension of that.  We need to remember that our lips can be sensitive to sun, products and treatments just like our face can be. In the summer it is extremely important to apply a sunscreen balm to our lips not only at the beach but on a daily basis. Our lips can become dry and cracked any time of year so applying a barrier like a balm daily will prevent water loss and dehydration. A gloss or lipstick will usually have some protection and antioxidant ingredients to keep them moist and well hydrated. It is important to exfoliate your lips at least every few weeks to help shed off the dead skin cells. This keeps the cellular turnover going to produce new healthy, plump skin cells. After using an defoliant to lightly slough off the dead skin cell layer, it is important to apply a good lip balm to keep the lips protected. Remember, your lips are just as important as your face so don’t forget to give them the treatment they deserve.

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