What eye cream is best for me?

This is a common question we get during consultations. First, we ask them what the clients biggest eye concern is. Most common concerns are fine lines around the eyes, crepy skin on lids, dark circles and puffiness. Most of these issues are addressed in different eye creams. It is best to focus on the one issue that bothers you the most and we would suggest the eye cream that targets that issue. It is important to
be consistent in your regimen. Morning and night, a little dab and tapping around the eye area for easy and most effective application. Most women want a quick fix but it doesn’t work that way. Using your SPF Sunscreen, wearing your sunglasses and a good eye cream will help slow the aging process and over time will lessen the appearance of your aging eye concerns. If you would like a personal consultation, feel free to inquire about which eye cream is best for you at your next appointment.
-Kerri O’Brien, Head Esthetician

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