“Au Naturale”

When the summer heat rolls in most women hate the thought of putting daily makeup on to then just sweat it off. We connect this season with breakouts because of the excessive perspiration that is felt in our daily routine. Most women I speak to during their facial consultation say that they don’t like makeup or don’t wear it in the summer because they feel it breaks them out.

In my professional opinion I wouldn’t say it’s the excessive sweating that leads to congested skin, but the proper cleansing at the beginning and the end of the day may have more to do with it. I myself do not like a heavy “made up” face because of the heat, so I take a simpler approach in the summer months and go “au naturale”. First, be sure you are cleansing adequately with a ph balanced cleanser that thoroughly dissolves makeup and oil.  Using a Clarisonic with your cleanser is the best way to ensure the pores are deeply cleansed. Second, use a tinted spf moisturizer. Most tinted moisturizers have just enough sheer coverage to blend the pinks and browns in the skin. Add a light eye and lip color and you are good to go! This is a light, fresh version of skincare that helps you look your best in the heat without the worry of going without makeup entirely.

Head Esthetician

Postpartum Hair Loss

AH! So, like me you are experiencing postpartum hair loss. As hairdresser, I want to share some tips with you on how I will be trying to combat this issue.

First, some background on the hair growth cycle and why we experience postpartum hair loss. I feel this article from Baby Center sums it up best:

Many new moms are surprised to find themselves shedding more hair than usual in the first few months after giving birth, but it’s perfectly normal. And there’s no need to panic: You won’t go bald. In fact, your hair should be back to normal by your baby’s first birthday.

Here’s what’s going on. Normally, about 85 to 95 percent of the hair on your head is growing and the other 5 to 15 percent is in a resting stage. After the resting period, this hair falls out — often while you’re brushing or shampooing it — and is replaced by new growth. An average woman sheds about 100 hairs a day.

During pregnancy, increased levels of estrogen prolong the growing stage. There are fewer hairs in the resting stage and fewer falling out each day, so you have thicker, more luxuriant tresses.

After you give birth, your estrogen levels take a tumble and a lot more hair follicles enter the resting stage. Soon you’ll have more hair coming out in the shower or on the brush. This unusual shedding will taper off and your hair will be back to its pre-pregnancy thickness about six to 12 months after you give birth.

By the way, not all women notice dramatic changes in their hair during pregnancy or the postpartum period. Among those who do, it tends to be more obvious among women with longer hair.

The article continues to say that there are some hair products or hair styles that can help but does not go into detail, here is where I come in.

First, be sure that you are continuing to take either your pre-natal vitamins or a multi vitamin with folic acid. In addition to this you can take a hair, skin and nail supplement.
We have recently started carrying Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Supplements at the salon. One of our stylists, Amanda, has been taking it for a few weeks and has had great results. We will be doing a blog about her results after she finishes her three month supply.

As a new busy mom I sometimes have to remind myself to even drink water, let alone get a complete meal. However, diet is so crucial to to hair growth we need to try to make sure we get in enough protein. Hair is made out of protein, thus healthy hair growth starts with a healthy diet. One of the best and easiest ways to get some quick protein in your day is drinking a protein shake or meal replacement shake. Most good shakes will even contain vitamins and minerals that you need, so double win!

One key thing to remember is, we cannot stop postpartum hair loss from happening, but what we can do is make sure that the new hair that returns is the healthiest hair we have ever had. One other article I have written, Stronger, Healthier Hair Growth, goes into more detail about supplements and diet to achieve healthy hair.

Hair Products:

There are a ton of shampoos, conditioners and styling products on the market that are aimed at volumizing fine hair. What works for one person may not work for another so it may take a few tries to get the right hair care routine. Here are my top picks for volumizing products:

One of my favorite lines is Moroccanoil. They have a volume collection that should get you right direction to fuller hair. It includes a volume shampoo and conditioner, volume mousee, root boost and thickening lotion, just to name a few (aka my favorites and best sellers).

One product that they do not have in their line is a volume powder. To use a volume powder, you sprinkle the powder onto the root area of dry hair. It is like back combing in a shaker. Here is my favorite by Keune.

Hair Styles:
So compare to all the suggestions above, changing your hair style is really the only one you have full control over. Ladies, especially with long hair, may not want to hear it but one thing you can do is give yourself a good haircut to add fullness and refresh your hair. Think about it, all of those hairs that are falling out now are going to restart their growth process from the top down, meaning at some point you are going to have a lot of short hairs all over your head. So going a bit shorter with your cut will essentially help them all play catch-up. Now I am not saying you have to go pixie short, but if you haven’t yet tried the bob or the lob, now might be the time. Here are some inspiration pics:


I want to hear from you! Are combating postpartum hair loss? What has been working for you?


Fall Season: Don’t Skip Your Pedicures!

Why you should continue your regular pedicures outside of sandal season:
When boot season comes back around it’s no secret some skimp on their regular pedicures. Pedicures have long been regarded as a spring and summer staple; but during the cooler months, nails can become brittle and dry which leads to splitting, breaking and often pain or discomfort. It is so important to continue the regimen for just the health benefits of pedicures during this time. Ingrown toenails typically need more attention during fall and winter as more closed toe shoes are worn. Not to mention just the massaging your feet and lower legs loosens your muscles, increases circulation and helps with joint performance – often adversely affected in cold weather.
Enjoy a great fall pedicure with our Perfect Pumpkin Spiced Pedicure
This yummy pumpkin pedicure starts off with a real, organic, pumpkin mask. Pumpkin contains natural antioxidants Vitamin A and Vitamin C to help soften and soothe the skin. It is then followed by a brown sugar and almond oil scrub and finished with an amazing apple pie massage! Enjoy your pedicure while sipping warm apple cider, pumpkin spice coffee, or hot scarlet wine punch. A special treat will also be served.
Feature pedicure for October!

The Benefits of Pumpkin and Your Skin

Fall is officially here, which means it’s time to indulge in everything pumpkin. Good thing this signature fall vegetable is packed with vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, vitamin C, E and beta-carotene—just to name a few. Among its numerous health benefits, pumpkin also helps promote glowing skin and healthy hair.

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your skin and hair, then applying pumpkin treatments or adding it to your diet can help.

Vitamin C: Pumpkin is a good source of vitamin C, which helps protect skin from free radical damage, such as wrinkles and even skin cancer. Eating vitamin C rich foods also helps promote collagen production, which over time can improve skin tone and elasticity.

Carotenoids: Alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and other carotenoids are the protective antioxidants that help to reverse UV damage and improve skin texture.

Pumpkins are also rich in copper and zinc, which play a big part in healthy skin and hair. Zinc helps protect cell membranes, maintain collagen, fight acne, and promotes skin renewal. Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc and easy to add into your diet. Try sprinkling them in soups, salads, or adding them to yogurt and oatmeal.

With all the guilty pleasures of indulging in the pumpkin craze this fall you now know you can indulge in a beneficial pumpkin facial or foot treatment guilt free!

“My pores are so huge!”

Have you ever studied your skin in a mirror and notice every pore and wrinkle that are emerging on a weekly basis? We’ve all been there. We over analyzing every line, spot or acne scar. One of my biggest complaints I hear during a facial consultation is how women hate their large pores. Can we shrink pores? No, but we can minimize the appearance of them. The pore opens up wider as our skin loses elastin. Elastin is broken down by free radical damage due to external factors such as sun and chemicals. Internal factors are our diet, genetics and smoking. Some simple ways to reduce the pore size is to exfoliate and add a retinol to your regimen. If you can exfoliate with a glycolic or enzyme mask once a week it keeps the dead skin cell layer sloughing off to reveal smoother, softer skin. The retinol stimulates collagen which help with the tone. The more you are consistent in exfoliation and using cosmeceutical grade products the quicker you renew healthy skin cells. Those healthy cells replace the dead skin cell layer. The quicker the cells turn over the more youthful qualities your skin will begin to reveal. Remember, people are not looking at you through a 10 times magnification mirror. They are looking at you about three feet away. All the details of your aging skin are for your eyes only. Be consistent with your products, slow and steady wins the race. Your best measure is seeing your friends who don’t take care of their skin compared to you who is, you will be thankful you started sooner rather than later.

National Simplify your Life Week

Who knew the first week of August was National Simplify your Life Week?! I know that each week that goes by out of the whole year, I wish I had done more of that! Well, might as well make it official and take charge now. Mornings are usually the roughest for me and my household, especially when it comes to me getting ready for the day. Here are 5 tips on how to simplify your morning beauty routine:
  1. Shower the night before
    Showering takes up the most time in the mornings; especially washing, drying, and styling your hair.
  2. Skip your AM face wash
    You want to avoid over cleansing, and your face will still be squeaky clean in the morning if properly cleaned at night. You can use a toner or facial wipe to remove excess oils if necessary.
  3. Remove the clutter
    Organizing and removing clothes, the collection of 100 lipsticks you never use, etc. will make your mornings a lot easier. It gives you more of a chance of finding what you are actually looking for and limits the thinking process on what you are actually seeing.
  4. Use tinted moisturizer/sunscreen
    Cut out all the steps of moisturizing, sunscreen (everybody is wearing this now right?), and foundation; by just using an all in one tinted moisturizer with SPF.
  5. Skip the eye shadow
    For overly hectic mornings, who has time for eye shadow? Simply applying eyeliner and mascara will make a bigger impact opposed to that eye shadow anyway.

Blog by Nikki

Have you tried booking online?

Did you know we offering online booking? Its easy!

There are two ways you can book your appointments online: on your laptop/desktop computer or right from your cell phone using the MindBody app.

From your home computer, visit our website at www.bodyblissnc.com and on the Home Page there is a button on the right that says “Book Online Now”


Once you click that, it will take you to our MindBody booking site. If you have never signed in before it will ask you to create a login. We just need basic information including name, phone number and email. Don’t worry we do not share your information with other parties. Once you have signed in you can now book appointments, cancel appointments and see a list of any past services. If you think you may already have a login, or you already receive emails from us, please just call and we can reset your password for you so that you do not create two accounts.

If you would prefer to book appointments right from your phone, then download the MindBody app from the app store. It is easy and free to download.

mindbody app

When you have the app on your phone it will ask you to sign in. You can then search for Body Bliss Salon and Spa and mark it as a “favorite” for quick access to our schedule.

If you have any questions about booking online please feel free to contact our receptionist or ask your stylist or therapist at your next appointment.

How to Achieve a Clean, Close Shave

  1. Access the Skin condition: If the skin is irritated from sun or a recent shave, let the skin calm down before you shave again. You do not want to “knick” the little bumps that are currently there.
  2. Soften the Skin: It is so important to warm the skin with a hot shower or towel before shaving. It opens the pores an softens the hair for easier removal.
  3. Use a thick shaving cream or creamy soap. The cream will help hydrate and soften the skin. This helps the razor glide smoothly over the skin to prevent razor burn or chafing.
  4. Run the razor against the hair growth for a closer shave. Going against the hair growth helps you not have to repeat the area a second time to remove all the hair.
  5. Do not pick at ingrown hairs. Applying a dab of cortisone nightly will eventually work the hair through the skin’s surface.
  6. Hydrate the newly shaved skin with a hydrating lotion.

Stronger, Healthier Hair Growth

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from clients is: how can I get my hair to grow faster? How can I get my hair to be stronger? Or, maybe a clients hair is thinning and they want to know what they can do to help.

Here are a few suggestions for any of the above situations:

  1. Take a mutivitamin*
    One reason you can have weak or slow hair growth could be a lack of certain vitamins and nutrients. Make sure your are taking a complete multivitamin and eating plenty of fruits and veggies to get all the essential nutrients your body needs.
  2. Take an extra does a Biotin and Folic Acid*
    Biotin and Folic Acid, or Folate, are both types of vitamin B and both have been linked to hair growth. These are a great addition to your multivitamin or check to see how much of these are already included in your multivitamin.
  3. Get enough protein in your diet*
    Hair is made up of keraitn which is a type of protein, getting enough protein in your diet can only aid in the growth of healthy hair.

    “According to the American Academy of Dermatology, if you do not get enough protein in your diet, your body will begin rationing the protein it does have available, potentially reducing hair growth. That means hair will become older and more tired and brittle over time. If you have continued low-protein intake, for upward of two to three months, you will start seeing signs of hair loss.”
    Livestrong.com article link

  4. Stimulate the scalp with a scalp massage or scalp facial
    Stimulating the scalp with massage will increase blood flow and thus hair growth, especially for those with thinning hair. At Body Bliss Salon & Spa we offer a service called a scalp facial that uses scalp stimulating products, such as tea tree oil. Check out this article on tips to give yourself a great scalp massage.
  5. Use the right hair care products
    First, make sure you are using professional hair care products, sold at a salon not the grocery store. Cheaper products can contain cheaper ingredients including silicone which make the hair instantly feel smooth, however over time will build up on the hair and scalp which can cause clogged hair follicles.
    Second, use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for your hair type or hair needs. If you have color treated hair, then a shampoo and conditioner specifically for color treated hair is always the best option. However, many professional shampoos now contain no sodium or sulfates which makes them color safe. So if your preference is a volumizing shampoo you can use it without the worry of it fading your hair color.

*Always consult a doctor when making changes to your diet such as adding vitamins or supplements.

Preparing for your Norvell Spray Tan

At Body Bliss Salon & Spa we use Norvell Airbrush Spray Tan.
Why  we choose Norvell:
• Natural color results for any skin type.
Norvell formulations offer a beautiful instant bronze with a smooth transition to a natural looking DHA tan. Results are natural across a broad spectrum of skin shades and tones.
• Not just a tan, it’s a healthy skin treatment too!
Skin firming formula builds and restores the skins’ matrix reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Norvell’s highly concentrated antioxidant blend aids in the reversal of daily skin damage.
• Guaranteed fast drying, non-sticky, streak-free formula
• No “orange” color development & DHA negative odor control
• Lasting results
Our clients can expect 5-7 days of gorgeous “just off the beach” color with proper maintenance. Even fading makes for complete customer satisfaction.
Preparing for your Spray Tan:
  • Do exfoliate 24 hours before
  • Don’t apply any moisturizer, deodorant, perfume or other beauty products before your tanning appointment.
  • Do shave or wax the evening before or right before your appointment
  • Do wear loose clothing and flip flops
  • Wear an old bathing suit and/or undergarments that you are okay with messing up. We also offer disposable underwear and bras if needed.
  • Do use a tan extender to reduce patchiness and extend the life of your tan. We do offer the Norvell pre and post maintenance products for purchase.
  • Norvell is a custom spray tan which means that a spray tan technician sprays you, not a machine. You can choose to wear your under garments, bathing suite or nothing at all during your session.

Call us at 919.435.7373 to schedule your spray tan experience or book your appointment online.