Body Bliss Salon & Spa has the most talented hair stylists in Wake Forest. All stylists are trained in the latest haircut and coloring trends and techniques. From short haircuts and razor haircuts to a long bob haircut or a long layered haircut, our great hair stylists will be able to achieve the latest hair design that fits your face shape and lifestyle. Complete your fresh look with hair-color, brighten up with some balayage highlights or add some dimension with lowlights. All of our hair care services include a relaxing massage shampoo and a blow-dry style. 

Our Junior Stylists are building their clientele; they have recently graduated cosmetology school or have 1-2 years experience. Our Junior Stylists have all completed Body Bliss Salon & Spa’s comprehensive cutting and coloring training program and have assisted the owner. 

Our Senior Stylists have a more established clientele, but are always accepting new clients. They have also demonstrated strong cutting and color skills as well as have attended 50+ hours in continuing education and attended national hair shows. 

Our Master Stylists have mastered the most up to date cut, color and smoothing techniques and have the ability to teach these techniques to the other stylists. A Master Stylist generally takes appointments by request only. These are the most sought after stylists in the salon not only because of their very advanced education level but also because of their well known reputation in the community. They are constantly furthering their education and attending national hair shows. 

All stylists at Body Bliss Salon & Spa are required to attend continuing education classes in the brands that the salon carries and to also attend at least one hair show per year.

Cut & Color

(Junior Stylist/Senior Stylist/Master Stylist)


Womens Haircut 40/45/55

Womens Spa Haircut 50/55/65
-includes conditioning treatment

Womens DRY Haircut 20/25/30
-A dry haircut does NOT include a wash and style, you must come in with clean, dry, ready to cut hair. This is not recommended when getting more than one inch cut off or getting a whole new haircut/style. This is also not recommended for curly hair.

Bang Trims Always Complimentary

Mens Haircut 20/25/30
Neck Trim/Clean up Always Complimentary

Girls Teen Haircut 30/35/40
Boys Teen Haircut 20/25/30
-Teen haircuts for 11 to 17 years old.
Children’s Haircut 18/20/25
-Children haircut for 10 years and under. 

*All Haircuts (except a dry cut) include a relaxing shampoo, condition and blow-dry style. 


Blissful Blowout 30/35/40
-Includes relaxing shampoo, conditon and blow-dry style

Signature Blowout 35/40/45
-Includes relaxing shampoo, condition and curl or flat iron style

Updo 60


*All color prices are “starting from” prices and are based on above shoulder length hair. Price may increase depending on length and thickness of the hair. Color prices do not include haircut, however do include a blow-dry style. 

Color Consultations Always Complimentary

Halo Foil starting from 45/50/55
-Includes foils on the part line

Partial Foil starting from 75/85/95
-Includes foils on the part line and sides

Full Foil starting from 105/115/130
-Includes foils on part line, sides and back

Balayage –or- Ombre starting from 105/115/130
-Balayage gives a natural, sun-kissed look with less noticeable regrowth lines. Ombre is generally darker at the root area then through mid length and ends gradually gets lighter. 

Color Retouch starting from 65/70/80
-Root touch-up is for those with previously colored hair with 1 inch or less of regrowth.

Full Color starting from 85/95/110
-Color applied from roots to ends.

Mens Color 20/25/30
-A demi-permanent color for a grey blending effect. 

Add on’s:
Glaze/Toner starting at $30
Base Break starting at $20
Conditioning Treatments starting at $20-$30
Olaplex -or- Keune Bond Fusion Bond Builder starting at $20

Smoothing Treatments:

The Signature Smoothing Solution   Starting from $180.00
The ultimate smoothing sensation! Keratin Complex’s award-winning signature treatment is a life-changer that reduces frizz and curl, and cuts daily styling time for up to five months. 

The Speedy Smoothing Solution     Starting from $110.00
In just a little over one hour, this speedy smoothing solution reduces frizz, curl and daily styling time for up to six weeks! 

Smooth Meets Color   
Pre-book any smoothing treatment with a color touch-up to receive an exclusive package deal. Consultation required.

Conditioning Treatments:



Other Treatments:

Bond Fusion Treatment $60
Several salon services like hair color and texturizing treatments break down disulfide bonds, which are essential for resilient, healthy hair. Bond Fusion’s three-phase system repairs and rebuilds broken bonds, and even creates new ones, as it continuously treats and conditions chemically damaged hair to keep it strong and shiny. In addition, Bond Fusion helps to preserve the hair during perming and straightening services, and can even be used on its own as a damage-repairing treatment. Bond Fusion Treatment includes a blow-dry style.

Hair Detox and Replenish Treatment  Starting from $60.00    
Start with our Detox Clarifying Treatment that will remove chlorine, iron, hard water and mineral deposits, as well as build up from styling products. Followed by, one or our masque treatments to replenish moisture and keratin to your hair. Finished off with a blow-dry style. 

Awaken Scalp Facial  Starting from $60.00  
Awaken your scalp and revitalize your hair. Start with an exfoliating treatment that lifts dead skin cells; this treatment will gently cleanse and stimulate the scalp leaving you refreshed and tingling! This service helps to promote new and healthy hair growth. Finished off with a blow-dry style. 

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are great if you are looking to dramatically change your hairstyle. You can go from short to long in just a matter of hours. If you are trying to grow out you hair or are just looking to add fullness and volume, hair extensions are also a good option for you.

Extension Consultation: Always Complimentary

Extension Pricing:

We offer three different types of hair extensions-
I-Tips, Tape In and Fusion Bond
Your stylist will go over the difference between the types to determine which would be best for your hair and what you are trying to achieve.

Add Fullness-
Hair extensions are not just for length, they are a great way to add fullness to your hair or even ad an accent color without the commitment of permanent color. This type of application generally takes two to three packs of hair. On the day of of installation we need to prep your hair by clarifying and drying, then install hair extensions, followed by cutting and styling them. This ranges from $270.00 to $400.00.

Add Length-
Adding length to your hair generally requires four to six packs of hair extensions. On the day of of installation we need to prep your hair by clarifying and drying, then install hair extensions, followed by cutting and styling them.This ranges from $500.00 to $750.00.

Hair extensions pricing does not include color services.

Initial installation includes a hair-care kit containing our recommended hair extension shampoo, conditioner, conditioning spray, dry shampoo and hair extension brush.

We do require a non-refundable deposit to order hair extensions. Pricing for deposit is based on how many packs of hair is ordered.

Other Services:
Makeup Application starting at $45