Body Treatments & Spray Tan

Body treatments are not limited to beautification purposes. Body treatments offer several other benefits such as helps to reduce stress, soothes muscles and is detoxifying.  The treatments also provide overall relaxation for your mind and body. Body Bliss has a very relaxing atmosphere that male and female clients both enjoy.

All treatments are preformed under red light therapy.

By The Sea….$58
Uncover smooth, glowing skin with a gentle exfoliation of Mediterranean Dead Sea salts and essential oils. After a warm shower, rich body butter is then gently massaged into the skin, locking in moisture and softening the skin.

Dry Brush Experience………………$32
This is a dry brush treatment used to exfoliate dead skin cells, bring blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin, and help in the detoxification process. This treatment also assists in boosting your immune system by stimulating the lymph which helps you resist infections.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is an ancient hands-on holistic energy healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It uses “universal life energy” channeled through the practitioner’s hands. Reiki restores the energy centers (chakras) to their most natural state of flow, thus balancing the subtle energies within the body.

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. The client remains fully clothed while our Reiki practitioner uses a light touch over the specific energy centers. Various sensations may be felt by the client including warmth and tingling. This holistic healing art is an effective delivery system that rejuvenates and strengthens the whole system – mind, body, spirit and addresses our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances.

Reiki is great for people of any age, health condition, and religious belief seeking relief from ailments including stress, physical pain, anxiety, depression, ADHD, arthritis, and fibromyalgia among others. A Reiki Wellness Treatment can create many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being.

Ear Candling …………………………..$37
Helps clear the ears of wax and pressure. Quick and pain free.

Spray Tan

Norvell Spray Tan: Medium……………………..$47
Norvell Spray Tan: Dark ………………………….$52
Norvell® Sunless Tanning Solution is a formulated solution, that when sprayed on a tanner’s skin, gives the tanner a Just off the Beach™ golden glow.

Why  we choose Norvell Spray Tan:
• Natural color results for any skin type.
Norvell formulations offer a beautiful instant bronze with a smooth transition to a natural looking DHA tan. Results are natural across a broad spectrum of skin shades and tones.
• Not just a tan, it’s a healthy skin treatment too!
Skin firming formula builds and restores the skins’ matrix reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Norvell’s highly concentrated antioxidant blend aids in the reversal of daily skin damage.
• Guaranteed fast drying, non-sticky, streak-free formula
• No “orange” color development & DHA negative odor control
• Lasting results
Our clients can expect 5-7 days of gorgeous “just off the beach” color with proper maintenance. Even fading makes for complete customer satisfaction.
Preparing for your Spray Tan:
  • Do exfoliate 24 hours before
  • Don’t apply any moisturizer, deodorant, perfume or other beauty products before your tanning appointment.
  • Do shave or wax the evening before or right before your appointment
  • Do wear loose clothing and flip flops
  • Wear an old bathing suit and/or undergarments that you are okay with messing up. We also offer disposable underwear and bras if needed.
  • Do use a tan extender to reduce patchiness and extend the life of your tan. We do offer the Norvell pre and post maintenance products for purchase.
  • Norvell is a custom spray tan which means that a spray tan technician sprays you, not a machine. You can choose to wear your under garments, bathing suite or nothing at all during your session.