Therapist Bios


Samantha Graupman
Owner, Massage Therapist and Nail Technician

Taking care of yourself will in turn allow you to take better care of others”

Samantha’s goal for her clients is simple – to leave Body Bliss Salon & Spa feeling refreshed and ‘de-stressed’.  Samantha is a licensed massage therapist since 2010, believes that whole body wellness is necessary for a balanced life and provides her clients this wellness through her expert treatments.

Her certification from American and European Massage Clinic includes the following specialized massages: Swedish, Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, and Russian Massage, including the ‘V’ method, which focuses exclusively on stress and pain reduction.

Also a licensed nail technician since 2004, Samantha stays up-to-date with the latest nail care for her clients by continuing her education in this developing area. For Samantha it is not just about polishing fingers and toes, it’s about hand and foot health. She works very closely with local podiatrist, chiropractor, padorathist, and dermatologist.

Since moving to the Raleigh area in 1998, Samantha has given back to the community by raising money for the Wake Forest Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and is a sponsor of the Hollowed Half Marathon in Wake Forest. Also, she regularly participates in teacher appreciation events for local schools.

Samantha invites you to visit Body Bliss Salon & Spa and experience her personalized treatments so you can recharge and renew – body and soul.

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 Alissa Adams

Alissa graduated from Mitchell’s Academy in February 2017. She has always had a knack for skin care and is she extremely passionate about Esthetics. She has a willingness to grow and learn to further her career and she loves keeping up with the newest skin care trends. She is certified in IMAGE product knowledge, IMAGE peels and Microdermabrasion. Her biggest passion is acne treatment and is working to get her nursing degree so she can eventually work in the medical field.
In her free time she enjoys spending time with her young daughter and her dog, Kimber. She loves to travel and explore new places. She also loves to refinish and reupholstered furniture. Come see Alissa today and leave feeling refreshed and relaxed!

Sunshine La Fountain Esthetician

Sunshine Lafountain graduated in October of 2013 with her esthetician license from
Boston Spa, NY. Sunshine was always intrigued of anti-aging techniques and would love to
continue her education to further her career. She worked in a medical spa in NY and started
Body Bliss Salon in May 2016 and has been working as an esthetician for a total of 4 years.
She is a native to Raleigh, NC and lived in New York. There she received her nursing
license and worked as a nurse for 11 years. She moved to Raleigh recently and resumed her
passion in the spa career. Sunshine spends her free time with her children.

Nancy Barravecchio Massage Therapist

Nancy Barravecchio is a health care practitioner, New York State licensed as a Massage Therapist, and licensed Acupuncturist. Receiving her Massage Degree in Massage Therapy in 2002 and her Masters’ Degree in Acupuncture in 2012 from the New York College for Holistic Health, Research and Education.

Newly relocated and North Carolina licensed to the Wake Forest Area, Incorporating her skills as a multi-faceted bodywork practitioner, Nancy is providing her Massage Therapy and soon her Acupuncture skills geared to meet each individual’s clients different and personal needs by integrating a Holistic path of Massage and Acupuncture therapies into their regimen of treatment.

Certified in several therapeutic, medical and sport modalities including Deep Tissue Release, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Infant Massage Instruction, Psoas Release Therapy, and specializes in Sport Massage and Flexibility Enhancement via Active Isolated Stretching, the Aaron Mattes Method.

Assisting athletes to maintain their optimum conditioning for their related sport, and/or getting them back into their activity at a quicker rate post-surgery, by integrating Massage into their regimen of therapy.

Outside of the treatment room Nancy has been on the field of countless sporting and entertainment events, having worked with a full spectrum of amateur and professional athletes onsite, including working as a Massage Therapist for the NY Jets Training Camp, the Players and the Caddies at the 2004, 2006, 2008 US Open Golf Championships, multiple events for the Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation, at the 2003 thru 2007 “ 9/11 Tunnel to the Towers “5K Run/Walk Charity Event in memory of Fireman Stephen Siller.

The entertainment industry has also been a place where Nancy has been able to provide her therapeutic touch working onsite with ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, as well as professional and celebrity entertainers at several venues in the New York and New York City area.